Dry Fruit Laddu

₹ 340.00 (500 gm.)

A power packed laddoo, filled with raisins, almonds, cashews, the list goes on.

Besan Laddu

₹ 230.00 (500 gm.)

Besan ladoo (Besan ke Laddu) is an Indian dessert usually made during festive times

Gond Laddu

₹ 240.00 (500 gm.)

Delicious Ladoo from Gond is made specially during winters. Gond ke Ladoo gives heat and energy to the body.

Boondi Laddu

₹ 220.00 (500 gm.)

Boondi Laddu is a staple of households all over India.

Soan Laddu

₹ 260.00 (500 gm.)

This ladoo is called Soan ladoo because "Soan" in hindi meaning "golden".

Dry Fruit Motichoor Laddu

₹ 290.00 (500 gm.)

Dry Fruit Motichur Laddu is a quintessentially Indian sweet treat made with rich and wholesome Desi Ghee and Dry fruits.

Ganesh Laddu 1kg

₹ 300.00 (500 gm.)

Ganesh Laddu specially made for Ganesh Festival to be offered as Prasad for the Ganesh Idol.It is made with ghee and boondi specifically for it be placed on the palm of the idol .