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  • Sandesh is a Bengali dessert created with milk and sugar. Some recipes of Sandesh call for the use of chhena or paneer instead of milk itself. Sandesh (Bengali: সন্দেশ Shôndesh; Sylheti: হান্দেশ Handesh; Hindi: संदेश) is a dessert, originating from the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent, created with milk and sugar.[better source needed] Some recipes of Sandesh call for the use of chhena or paneer (which is made by curdling the milk and separating the whey from it) instead of milk itself. Some people in the region of Dhaka call it pranahara (literally, heart 'stealer') which is a softer kind of sandesh, made with mawa and the essence of curd.A sweet dish by the name sandesh is mentioned in medieval Bengali literature, including Krittibas' Ramayana and lyrics of Chaitanya. However, the ingredients of this original dish are not known.This dish was most likely different from the modern chhena-based sandesh, being made of solidified kheer.

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Ingredients:Paneer, Sugar, Jaggery, Condensed milk

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