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Dadu's Mithai Vatika

Established 1993

Rajesh Dadu
Kaju Katli, Motichur Laddu
DADU MITHAI VATIKA is a name synonymous with festivals, weddings, birth announcements, parties and any occasion which calls for a celebration, a name which symbolizes 'Happiness'.

Kaju Katli

₹ 830.00 (500 gm.)

Cashew nut and milk based sweet traditionally served at special occasions, topped by silver leaf.

Ajmeri Kalakhand

₹ 450.00 (500 gm.)

Ajmeri Kalakhand is a classic. Also popularly known as milk cake, its main ingredients include milk, sugar, ghee, and cardamom powder.

Motichoor Laddu

₹ 410.00 (500 gm.)

Commonly offered as prasad, Motichoor Ladoo is a favourite festive treat across India. Admit it, once you start having it, you cannot just hold back at one.

Kaju Pista Roll

₹ 1000.00 (500 gm.)

Kaju means Cashews and Pista means pistachios. basically a cylindrical shaped indian mithai recipe prepared from powdered cashews and pistachios.

Anjeer Roll

₹ 850.00 (500 gm.)

The Anjeer roll has the delicate sweetness of figs (anjeer) and is generously loaded with the goodness of cashews, almonds and pistachios to bring you a delicious nutty flavour.

Besan Laddu

₹ 400.00 (500 gm.)

Besan ladoo (Besan ke Laddu) is an Indian dessert usually made during festive times

Gond Laddu

₹ 440.00 (500 gm.)

Delicious Ladoo from Gond is made specially during winters. Gond ke Ladoo gives heat and energy to the body.

Pista Burfi

₹ 1710.00 (500 gm.)

Pista Burfi is an amazingly tasty dessert recipe that you can prepare on festivals and auspicious occasions like Diwali.

Bombay Halwa

₹ 400.00 (500 gm.)

soft and melt in the mouth is Karachi halwa which is also known as Bombay halwa.

Kaju Dry Fruit Burfi

₹ 960.00 (500 gm.)

Kaju literally means cashew nuts and barfi is a type of Indian sweet, usually in a lozenge shape.

Navratan Mixture

₹ 320.00 (500 gm.)

Navratan Mixture is a mouth-watering mixture of various savoury treats and namkeens . This crispy, sometimes sweet and sometimes spicy mixture can be served as a standalone snack as well as an accompaniment with drinks or other sweets at teatime.