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Balaji Jai Narayan Mithai Bhandar

Established 2000

Kishan Sankla
White Kalakhand,Ajmeri KalaKhand, Rasmalai
Balaji Jai Narayan Mithai Bhandar was started in 2000 by Kishan Sankla after working for more than 15 years in sweet making industry.He worked in various departments in the sweet industry to gain experience.After gaining experience he ventured on his own started Balaji Jai Narayan Mithai Bhandar.

Kaju Katli

₹ 480.00 (500 gm.)

Cashew nut and milk based sweet traditionally served at special occasions, topped by silver leaf.

Gulab Jamun

₹ 220.00 (500 gm.)

Gulab jamun gets its brownish red colour because of the sugar content in the milk powder (khoya). In other types of gulab jamun, sugar is added in the batter, and after frying, the sugar caramelization gives it its dark, almost black colour, which is then called kala jam or "black jam". The sugar syrup may be replaced with (slightly) diluted maple syrup for a gulab jamun.

Plain Rasgulla

₹ 220.00 (500 gm.)

Rasgulla is a syrupy dessert popular in the Indian subcontinent and regions with South Asian diaspora.

Motichoor Laddu

₹ 240.00 (500 gm.)

Commonly offered as prasad, Motichoor Ladoo is a favourite festive treat across India. Admit it, once you start having it, you cannot just hold back at one.

Kaju Pista Roll

₹ 610.00 (500 gm.)

Kaju means Cashews and Pista means pistachios. basically a cylindrical shaped indian mithai recipe prepared from powdered cashews and pistachios.


₹ 220.00 (500 gm.)

Ras malai or rossomalai is a dessert originating from the Indian subcontinent.

Dry Fruit Laddu

₹ 540.00 (500 gm.)

A power packed laddoo, filled with raisins, almonds, cashews, the list goes on.

Anjeer Roll

₹ 520.00 (500 gm.)

The Anjeer roll has the delicate sweetness of figs (anjeer) and is generously loaded with the goodness of cashews, almonds and pistachios to bring you a delicious nutty flavour.

Sunnunda Laddu

₹ 220.00 (500 gm.)

Minapa Sunnunda Laddu (Urad Dal Ladoo) is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Dessert.

Besan Laddu

₹ 240.00 (500 gm.)

Besan ladoo (Besan ke Laddu) is an Indian dessert usually made during festive times

Gond Laddu

₹ 240.00 (500 gm.)

Delicious Ladoo from Gond is made specially during winters. Gond ke Ladoo gives heat and energy to the body.

Boondi Laddu

₹ 240.00 (500 gm.)

Boondi Laddu is a staple of households all over India.

Chota Rasgulla

₹ 200.00 (500 gm.)

Rasgulla is a syrupy dessert popular in the Indian subcontinent and regions with South Asian diaspora.

Milk Mysore Pak

₹ 240.00 (500 gm.)

Mysore Pak is a South Indian recipe made using gram flour (besan), sugar and ghee. This dessert recipe is South India’s most iconic sweet and gets its name from its city of origin – Mysore.

Pan Petha

₹ 220.00 (500 gm.)

Petha is a translucent soft candy from North India.

Soan Patti

₹ 220.00 (500 gm.)

A lip smacking Andhra sweet made of wheat flour, ghee and sugar.

Badam Burfi

₹ 600.00 (500 gm.)

Barfi, borfi or burfi is a dense milk based sweet confectionery from the Indian subcontinent, a type of mithai.

Dhodh Peda

₹ 170.00 (500 gm.)

Peda is a sweet from the Indian subcontinent, usually prepared in thick, semi-soft pieces.

Bombay Halwa

₹ 220.00 (500 gm.)

soft and melt in the mouth is Karachi halwa which is also known as Bombay halwa.


₹ 240.00 (500 gm.)

Rabri (Urdu: ربڑی‬, IAST: Rābaḍī; Hindi: रबड़ी, Rajasthani: रबड़ी, Odia: ରାବିଡି) is a sweet, condensed-milk-based dish, originating from the Indian subcontinent, made by boiling the milk on low heat for a long time until it becomes dense and changes its color to pinkish.

Anjeer Kalakhand

₹ 240.00 (500 gm.)

Anjeer Kalakand (fig milk-cake) is a popular festive sweet prepared with milk, sugar, and figs.


₹ 240.00 (500 gm.)

Chandrakala is a dessert from Northern India, similar to gujia

Ice Cream Burfi

₹ 240.00 (500 gm.)

The goodness of smooth and silky ice-cream in the form of a creamy Barfi comes together to give birth to this incredible Indian Mithai simply called “Ice-cream Barfi”.

Kova Strawberry

₹ 240.00 (500 gm.)

Kova Strawberry is a sweet made in the shape of shape of strawberry with colour and shape resembling Strawberry.

Malai Sandwich

₹ 220.00 (500 gm.)

Malai Sandwich is a famous Bengali sweet-dish recipe made from milk, paneer and khoya.

Kala Jamun

₹ 220.00 (500 gm.)

Gulab jamun gets its brownish red colour because of the sugar content in the milk powder (khoya).


₹ 240.00 (500 gm.)

Balushahi is a traditional dessert from the Indian subcontinent; popular in Indian, Pakistani, Nepali and Bangladeshi cuisine.