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Anjeer Kalakhand    vegiratian symbol

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  • Anjeer Kalakand (fig milk-cake) is a popular festive sweet prepared with milk, sugar, and figs.Kalakand is one of India's oldest sweets and is believed to have originated either in Braj (Uttar Pradesh) or Alwar (Rajasthan). Unlike the regular white variety, anjeer kalakand is brownish.The origin of qalakand can be traced back its root to Arabic cuisine, as the root word qand means sweet in Arabic language. This is one of the most scrumptious sweet in North and East India where milky white kalakand are hugely popular but in Western India, its fried version or the Ajmeri Kalakand is more in demand, where it is also known as milk cake. The best part of Ajmeri kalakand is that it is fried with lots of fresh figs (hence anjeer kalakand), which imparts a grainy texture to it and enhance the flavour too. I am yet to find a good recipe for making Ajmeri kalakand or milk cake.

Vegetarian : vegiratian symbol  Yes

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Ingredients:Fresh figs, Ricotta cheese, Sweetened condensed milk, Sugar, Almonds, Ghee.Cardamom,saffron,Alum .

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