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Almonds    vegiratian symbol

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    About Almonds :

    Almond is also called Badam in India.The fruit of the almond is a drupe, such as an outer hull and a hard shell with the seed, which isn't always a true nut, inner. Shelling almonds refers to removing the shell to show the seed. Almonds are offered shelled or unshelled.

    History of Almonds :

    The almond is a species of tree native to Mediterranean climate regions of the Middle East, from Turkey and Syria to India and Pakistan, although it has been introduced elsewhere. Almond is also the name of the edible and widely cultivated seed of this tree. Within the genus Prunus, it is classified with the peach in the subgenus Amygdalus, distinguished from the other subgenera by corrugations on the shell surrounding the seed.

    Almond’s Ingredients :

    Almonds Dry Fruit

    Calories in Almonds :

    Amount Per 100 grams

    Calories 576

    Total Fat 49 g

    Saturated fat 3.7 g

    Polyunsaturated fat 12 g

    Monounsaturated fat 31 g

    Trans fat 0 g

    Cholesterol 0 mg

    Sodium 1 mg

    Potassium 705 mg

    Total Carbohydrate 22 g

    Dietary fiber 12 g

    Sugar 3.9 g

    Protein 21 g   

Vegetarian : vegiratian symbol  Yes

Shelf Life : 365 day(s)

Ingredients:Almonds Dry Fruit

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